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Welcome to the Worldwide Dragon Boat Calendar Homepage!

This website is designed for paddlers and spectators who want to find out about dragon boat festivals and races around the world. To facilitate travel research, the dragon boat calendar also provides tourism links for the city or province where a festival and race is held.

If you are researching general information about dragon boating, such as the cultural aspects or historical origin of dragon boat racing, click on Facts. Check out the Fitness Guide for fitness tests and conditioning tips. If you are looking for dragon boat equipment, click on Builders & Suppliers.

Use Babel Fish to translate festival websites written in native languages. See instructions here.

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Need a translator? You will find some of the European and Asian festival sites in their native languages. To translate these festival sites into English, copy and paste the site URL onto the "Translate a Website" tool box in http://babelfish.altavista.com and remember to select the "to and from languages" before clicking "Translate".

Want to add a country? Please Contact the Webmaster.

Click on Global DB Calendar to see dragon boat events in all of the countries in one view.


The calendar is being updated and enriched continuously but its completeness depends largely on information shared by dragon boat enthusiasts worldwide. If you would like to submit additional festival, regatta and tourism information, please do not hesitate to contact the Webmaster.

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